Getting Started

Project S-SOAR (Stepping Up to Strategies for Online Academic Research) is committed to helping all students, and especially students with learning disabilities, to efficiently conduct online research.

The project offers a free, Web-based Student Toolkit  curriculum that incorporates text, images, videos, quizzes, and activities to show students how to use nine strategies for effective online academic research.

To prepare yourself to implement the nine strategies and the Student Toolkit  in your classroom, complete the five eModules of the online professional development course. To get started follow these five easy steps.

    1. Get Free Access for Your Students

      Students access the Student Toolkit  using iPads, laptops, or other electronic devices from the main page the S-SOAR website. Just click “Student Toolkit” on the left menu bar of the home page.

      Click here to see how to get free log-ins for your students.

      To complete the Student Toolkit, students can use their own devices or share devices; you can also project lessons for the whole classroom from your own electronic device.

    1. Learn the Nine Strategies for Doing Online Research

      The Web-based Student Toolkit  teaches students nine strategies for conducting an academic research project online, ending with a complete outline with notes and references.

      It is important to teach students all nine strategies. Click on each icon to review each strategy’s key purpose:

    1. See How the Student Toolkit  is Structured

      In the Student Toolkit, each strategy has its own page. The left menu bar makes navigation easy.

      Strategies are broken down into three or four steps, each with a video, brief text, and a quiz. After learning each strategy, students complete an evaluation “Try It” activity for doing a research project online. Students watch videos to learn the strategies; videos may preferably be accessed through the Student Toolkit individually using Vimeo or with YouTube using this link when schools restrict access to Vimeo. If YouTube is also restricted, we can work with your school to make them accessible. 

      Student Toolkit

  1. See What Students Can Do

    Using the nine strategies, students learn to create a digital notebook of their online research. This is their final product. You can monitor progress by looking at students’ digital notebooks.

    Click to see examples of student digital notebooks at four levels of mastery.

  2. Create a System to Save Student Work

    Create a system where students can make, save, and share their digital notebooks. For instance:

    • Google Classroom or Google Drive
    • MS Word or other word-processing software
    • Other software or solutions

Take the Professional Development Course

To learn more about the nine strategies and teaching with the Student Toolkit, complete the online professional development course.

Participate in Project S-SOAR Research

Teachers are encouraged to participate in Project S-SOAR research. Benefits include access to technology resources, possible stipends, support during implementation, and reports on pretest-posttest growth for students. The project is recruiting for a current study.

Click here to view requirements for the study. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Start the Teacher Professional Development course.